About us

The company Piniotechniki  was founded in 1990 for the exclusive purpose of producing coils for miniature circuit breakers and electricity meters.
With its full specialisation and high quality production, the company has emerged as a trusted partner and supplier to the largest electrical equipment manufacturing companies worldwide. 
Possessing a high level of technical know-how, we have been able to provide to our customers invaluable assistance in the planning, design and implementation of new products.
By paying special attention to quality, consistency of delivery and fast response to demand, our company seeks to fully satisfy its customers. 
The company continues to develop its production capacity by investing in ongoing staff training, conducting research into new technologies, and upgrading its mechanical equipment. The production output exceeds 150,000 coils per day. The bulk of our production, more than 80%, are marketed abroad, primarily on European markets including Germany, Italy, Spain and Romania as well as in countries such as Turkey, Tunisia, and elsewhere.